All successful CEOs are probably sociopaths!

I am not a CEO (successful or otherwise). I have worked for major media businesses across five cities, four countries and three continents. I intend to distil my learned experience into these pages. It includes observations and notes on what I think success is and how to position yourself to maximize the opportunities for success.

Before you think I am offering a blueprint for becoming successful - the old adages that success is often down to luck and “being in the right place at the right time” is almost certainly true. I would go further and state that I almost certainly could have been more successful.

But I hold the following to be true, if you approach life and work with the right intentions, the opportunities to become successful are more likely to present themselves. In a way you get to decide how successful you want to be. However, please heed my opening sentence that the most successful in business tend to be sociopaths.

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I am a full-time corporate executive with more than 25 years experience working in the International media industry. Spare-time writer/thinker on experiences in corporate life and how to be effective